Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School Belgium


In our workshops and trainings participants develop consciousness. They get in touch with what’s essential. This enables them to take more their place. 

The Work

Our potential as human beings is far bigger than we realize. As children we learned how to adapt. We carry negative images, fear and blocked emotions. Somehow we lost connection to our core. We can’t feel the full potential of our strength.

In Reconstructive our perception changes. Our awareness grows. Reconstructive is a new way of learning and developing consciousness. It has a clear and accurate theoretical structure which allows participants to take a next step. The work itself is the body-experience of an altered state of consciousness. Like a deep meditation or a state of trance but in movement and interaction with a small group. In this process the body receives information and finds solutions for emotional blockages or unsolved issues. It integrates insights and strength.


An Initiation as Man – The Lover

Cycle: Being a Man

Sat & Sun March 9 & 10 2019

2 day men circle with Bart De Coninck

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A New Focus on Life


Sun March 17 2019

1 day with Job Hulshoff

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Re-Connection with the Strenght in you – Your Inner Child as Potential


Sat & Sun March 30 & 31 2019

2 day ws with Bart De Coninck

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I am a Liberated Woman and a Mother!


Sat April 27 2019

1 day women circle with Livia De Vos

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Boost my Journey!


Sat & Sun May 4 & 5 2019

2 day ws with Job Hulshoff

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Individual sessions

As children we learned how to adapt ourselves. We somehow lost connection to our core. As adults we use to much energy to stay in this comfort zone and to maintain old believe systems.

In an individual session you can discover what can be a next step, what are realistic options and goals, and what are possible paths to walk.

In Belgium you can book individual sessions with Bart De Coninck, Livia De Vos & Job Hulshoff.

The Team

We are a growing international school, located in several European and American countries.

Carola Castillo is the founder and director. She lives in Miami.

Bart De Coninck is the director of the school in Belgium. He’s facilitator and trainer in Reconstructive.
In the team in Belgium we have Job Hulshoff en Livia De Vos as facilitators in Reconstructive, and Ria Verlinden who is trainer in systemic work and rituals.

Eva Hernandez is the director of the school in Spain, Hildur Vea in Norway, Jesus Elbittar in Venezuela and Mimi Matar in the Dominican Republic.

As scientist in Neurosciences and Holistic Sciences Andrea Taboada is connected to all schools. She substantiates the work scientifically and does research.

  • Carola Castillo
  • Bart De Coninck
  • Job Hulshoff
  • Livia