Reconstructive is an Innovative Methodology for Self-knowledge and Evolution


We are RIIHS Belgium. We are part of the international school RIIHS founded by Carola Castillo.


Our philosophy is based on an integral and holistic vision and the premise that each person is responsible for searching his or her identity, and the meaning and sense of his or her life.


The RIIHS-model can be applied in one-to-one consultation and in group.


Here you will find information about our method, training programs and workshops, organized in Belgium and about our specific identity as a Belgian school within the international school.

The Work

Reconstructive, along with Transpersonal Coaching, as an experimental method of evolution and new realities, will offer us the possibility of expansion in our perception and in those memories that give us few options for development.


Workshop in Reconstructive – ‘Inner Strength’

January 15 & 16

with Livia De Vos

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February 5 & 6

with Bart De Coninck

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TRAINING PROGRAM in RECONSTRUCTIVE – 2 modules of 3 days with Certificate

February 18, 19 & 20 and March 18, 19 & 20

with Bart De Coninck

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Workshop in Reconstructive – ‘The mother and the witch, walking together’

March 5 & 6

with Livia De Vos

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Individual sessions

We offer individual sessions in Transpersonal Coaching according to the RIIHS-model, both face-to-face and online

The School in Belgium

Gender-specific education has been a major focus of our school in Belgium since the beginning of its existence, along with innovative training programs and support and validation of our RIIHS-coaches and RIIHS-facilitators.

RIIHS Members in Belgium

In Belgium we have several professionals working according to the RIIHS-model.

Men and Women

In the development of inner strength and awareness we consider participation in a men group  or a women group an essential step.


Beyond the measurable (Eng) Mini-documentary

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Podcast Flashlights in the Dark

In this podcast four RIIHS-facilitators – Lorena Pulido, Juliette Rijnfrank, Bart De Coninck and Job Hulshoff – talk about human shadow and consciousness.

Free e-book New Heroes

Bart De Coninck wrote New Heroes, an e-book about the process of men to more courage and strength.