Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School Belgium

Reconstructive is a new method for help. It allows us to access elevated levels of consciousness.
From there we can connect to information that in normal conditions we don’t have access to.
This shakes us profoundly because it is way beyond conventional movements within the world of personal growth.

Recontructive is as a transpersonal methodology. It brings us back to the origin, beyond what we learned in our education, beyond our habits, perception or patterns. In our workshops and trainings participants get in touch with their unknown and unused potential. This enables them to gain consciousness, self-realization and responsibility. 

The Work

Our potential as human beings is far bigger than we realize. As children we learned how to adapt. We carry negative beliefs, fear and blocked emotions. Somehow we lost connection to our core. We can’t feel the full potential of our strength.

In Reconstructive our perception changes. Our awareness grows. Reconstructive is a new way of learning and developing consciousness. It has a clear and accurate theoretical structure which allows participants to take a next step. The work itself is the body-experience of an altered state of consciousness. Like a deep meditation or a state of trance but in movement and interaction with a small group. In this process the body receives information and finds solutions for emotional blockages or unsolved issues. It integrates insights and strength.

We offer workshops and training programs. Participating at a workshop is a good first step to experience the work. Oor training program Transpersonal Coaching, according to the Reconstructive model facilitates understanding of the method on a deeper level and  integrating its qualities in individual consultations or other professional settings. It is also a good first for candidates with a desire to become a facilitator in reconstructive.


Individual sessions

As children we learned how to adapt ourselves. We somehow lost connection to our core. As adults we use to much energy to stay in this comfort zone and to maintain old believe systems.

In an individual session you can discover what can be a next step, what are realistic options and goals, and what are possible paths to walk.

In Belgium you can book individual sessions with Bart De Coninck, Livia De Vos & Job Hulshoff.

The Team

We are a growing international school, located in several European and American countries.

Carola Castillo is the founder and director. She lives in Miami.

Bart De Coninck is the director of the school in Belgium. He’s facilitator and teacher in Reconstructive.
In Belgium Job Hulshoff & Livia De Vos work as facilitators in Reconstructive.


  • Carola Castillo
  • Livia