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An Initiation as Man – The Lover

Cycle: Being a Man


Sat & Sun March 9 & 10 2019


Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B)
Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium

What can you expect?


“I am in love with every part of myself….”

2 day men circle with Bart De Coninck

An initiation is an engagement, a promise I make to myself. It’s an anchor in my development. I take my place as a man.

The four archetypes (The Lover, The Warrior, The Mage and The King) touch each a different aspect in this process. The Lover shows me how I can fall in love with every part of myself. This forms a ground of esteem, support and love within myself. The Warrior teaches me about decisiveness and action. The Mage shows me the way to have faith in my insights, intuition and power. The King brings me in contact with my authority, serenity and dignity.



                 in my job or function

                 in my relationship

                as a father


The Power of The Lover  – “I love every part of myself…”

Since early childhood we identify easily with negative self-images. Our ability to self-esteem, self-love and self-support is limited. We look for love, acknowledgment, understanding and support outside ourselves.

The power of the lover creates a basis for love and support within ourselves. Then it gets easier to go outside and take our place.


In these Men Circles we combine various methods and theoretical frameworks. The most important are Carola Castillo’s Reconstructive and Carl Jung’s Archetype work



  • Price:
    € € 250.00 (ex vat) - 2nd circle: € 225.00 (ex vat) - 3rd circle € 200.00 (ex vat) 4th circle: € 175.00 (ex vat) - complete cycle: € 800.00 (ex vat)
  • For whom:
    Every man is welcome. No previous knowledge or education is demanded.
  • Hours:
    10.00 until 18.00 daily
  • Good to know:

    These prices are non-residential. Lunches and breaks are included.


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