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BECOMING VISIBLE – Online Course 3×3 hours


Saturdays April 17 & 24 and May 1



ZOOM on-line platform

What can you expect?

connect deeper with your purpose and gain the courage to live it

This spring you can treat yourself on a new opportunity to learn, to grow and to amaze yourself.

An online course about becoming more visible from your essence in all your relationships which will support your health and wellbeing; body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Your experienced RIIHS* facilitators Job Hulshoff, Juliette Rijnfrank and Lorena Pulido will be ready and fully equipped to guide you on this intense and short journey of 3 Saturdays for 3 hours.

You will learn:

  • Why did/do I hide myself? And in what way?
  • What are my (unknown) skills and treasures I have been hiding?
  • What do I need to understand about this hiding before I can transform it?
  • What have emotions to do with hiding and becoming visible? How can I use my emotions as a resource to grow and to become more visible?
  • What are my short and long term goals that I really want to give my best effort to make them visible and useful?

After participating in this workshop you will have:

  • gained a broader picture of becoming visible from your core, your patterns and ways of dealing with emotions, how you can block your growth and new possibilities and how you can bring more flow into your life.
  • experienced the benefits of learning in an online group dynamic and how it is to support each other on their journey
    more insights about the way you protect yourself (survival strategies*) and how this is blocking all new possibilities
  • some understandings and experiences how you can get more clarity of who you are and what you want and in which direction you can make an action to make it happen.
  • some concrete ideas about trying something new that you have avoided and now feel ready to make a change

Early Childhood & *Survival Strategies

With survival strategies we mean all the ways of behaving, communicate, making decisions, etc. that you have learned in your early childhood to take care of yourself and your environment. In that period it was very clever and healthy to scan the needs of the outside world and adept to them.
Be welcome in this workshop to get practical insights and to gain new experiences

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Why should you join "BECOMING VISIBLE"?


  • Price:
    € Price for 3 days: € 165,- (is € 55 per day)
  • For whom:
    This is for people wanting to try something new and challenging in 2021.
  • Hours:
    18:00-21:00 CET & 9:00-12:00 PST
  • Good to know:

    Language: ENGLISH

    No previous education is demanded. Everybody with interest to learn is welcome. Basic skills of the use of ZOOM and a private place are required.



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