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Emotions in Motion! (ENG)


Saturday 5th of December 2020



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What can you expect?

EMOTIONS IN MOTION… to experience more freedom and energy.


There are four basic emotions:

– Fear
– Anger
– Sadness
– Love

Sometimes there are 8 emotions mentions and than Joy, Amazement, Shame and Disgust are added. In the way I work, I like to keep it simple and clear. We mostly have our hands full with exploring and experiencing the 4 basic emotions.

We experience emotions at first in our body, then we have thoughts and opinions about them, and these can also give impulses for new emotions.

Why do we actually have emotions? Why do we feel frustration (anger) one moment, sadness, fear or joy a little later? Emotions contain information about the relationship between me and the other. They want to make something clear to us, which sets us in motion and makes us make a decision to communicate or take action.

For most of us there is confusion between experiencing the feeling and the thoughts and opinions about this feeling. This makes it more difficult to feel and think clearly and thereby make a clear decision.

Emotions can thus become a source of energy and information, if we learn to focus on clarity and balance in thinking and feeling.

Be welcome in this workshop to get practical insights and to gain new experiences!

After participating in this workshop you will have:

  • gained a broader picture of emotions in general, your patterns and ways of dealing with emotions, how they block your growth and new possibilities and how you can bring more flow into them.
  • experienced the benefits of learning in an online group dynamic (vs individual) and how it is to support each other on their journey
  • more insights about the way you protect yourself (survival strategies*) and how this is blocking all new possibilities
    some understandings and experiences how you can choose more from your core and less from your auto-pilot.
  • some concrete ideas about trying something new that you have avoided and now feel ready to make a change

* With survival strategies I mean all the ways of behaving, communicate, making decisions, etc. that you have learned in your early childhood to take care of yourself and your environment. In that period it was very clever and healthy to scan the needs of the outside world and adept to them.


  • Price:
    € 96,- (21% VAT excluded)
  • For whom:
    Everyone who wants to learn about emotions and how to use them in a way that they bring more flow, life and responsibility.
  • Hours:
    Time Brussel: 2pm-5pm -break- 6pm-9pm
  • Good to know:

    If the technical part of connecting by Zoom might be a problem, we can have a try-out in the week before.



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