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Intensive in Reconstructive


Fri, Sat & Sun Nov 20, 21 & 22 2020 & Jan 8, 9 & 10, 2021



Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B)
Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium

What can you expect?

Training in Systemic Coaching and Reconstructive

Mod 1: Nov 20, 21 & 22, 2020
Mod 2: Jan 8, 9 & 10, 2021

From systemic to meta-systemic

When we understand the systemic principles and the laws that govern them, we have a tool that, in itself, seeks order, positioning and connection. Our first system of belonging is our family. The survival state of the system is old. People that for some unknown reason could not fulfill their function or position, influence later generations. Pieces of the system will search for balance regardless of the price. From this survival state we build our programming, habits, stories and legends. This will profoundly affect our behavior. What is fundamental is the continuity of life.

What will I learn and of what use is this training?

  • Brief history and basis of systemic work
  • New methodologies, theory and practice for conducting individual consultations.
  • What is a system, types of systems, differences, reach and applications through the laws and principles that rule them.
  • Use of the genogram as a tool for information
  • Construction of the systemic footprints as a tool for diagnosis. Methodology, application, practice.
  • Knowing how to identify from where is my consultee speaking from. Perception vs intuition.
  • Using history as a resource, amplifying the outlook on what has been learned. Resolution and closing.
  • Reconstructive, from the transpersonal, the superior comprehension of what the  expansion of consciousness can be.  Methodology, basis and practice.
  • Basic principle of the management of energy.
  • Liberation of behavioral patterns, habits, Etc.

Recontructive is an illuminating tool, because it allows us to access elevated levels of consciousness.
From there we can connect to information that in normal conditions we don’t have access to.
This shakes us profoundly because it is way beyond conventional movements within the world of personal growth.

Recontructive is as a transpersonal methodology. It brings us back to the origin, beyond what we learned in our program, beyond our habits, perception or patterns.


Beyond the measurable (Eng) Mini-documentary


  • Price:
    € 900.00 + VAT early bird 820.00 € + VAT -registration and payment before October 15, 2020 Single payment only, not reimbursable, nor transferable to any other participant.
  • For whom:
    For professionals in coaching, in therapy and constellations
    For students in whatever field linked to human development, sociology, pedagogy, ;..
    For entrepreneurs, liders, ..
    For people with interest in spirituality, self-knowledge and the development of human wellbeing
    As a complement for whatever professional wishing to expand his knowledge with new methodoogies
    As a complement for other therapeutic methods
    As a tool for self-help, self-knowledge, ... to improve the quality of personal and professional relationships and the relationship with the planet, regardless the field.

    We recommend to watch the documentary about Reconstructive BEYOND THE MEASURABLE - go to - , read about this methodology or experience a workshop in reconstructive before taking the step towards this training.
  • Hours:
    10 am - 6 pm daily
  • Good to know:

    These prices are not residential.

    Lunch, breaks and material are included.



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