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NEW HEROES – online course for men


Aug 27 & Sept 16, 2020



ZOOM on-line platform

What can you expect?


New times. New heroes.

Joseph Campbell was an Amerikaanse author, specialized in mythology. His most famous book is HERO’S JOURNEY. Campbell finds one universal patron in all mythological stories over history, one monomythe with archetypal elements. It’s about integrating your true essence. Who are you really? What are you doing here? To find this out there is no other way than to leave the known and discover the unknown. If you stay too lang in your comfort zone, there will be sign’s or a call. If you have the courage to say yes to this call your HERO’S JOURNEY is about to start.

Since 15 year’s I work with men – existential questions, relationship issues, fatherhood, work-related themes … -. An interesting question has been: How can we find translation of the HERO’s JOURNEY in these current times? In this society with its challenges?  How do HERO’S JOURNEY’s look like in 2020?

This on-line course brings men together. Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my next step?

And we keep in mind that the journey – to be on the way – is more important than the destination.

You can get the digital book: NEW HEROES for free sending us an e-mail or leaving your e-mail.

This online course can be a first encounter with men work, or can be seen as a next step in a process started in the past.



  • Price:
    € 60.00 ex vat for course of 2 sessions
  • For whom:
    Every man welcome regardless age or background
  • Hours:
    7 until 9 pm
  • Good to know:

    Online course via Zoom

    No specific experience with the platform is needed.  A try-out can be planned in advance.



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NEW HEROES – online course for men


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