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Sat & Sun Okt 19 & 20, 2019


Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B)
Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium

What can you expect?

In this workshop you are invited to a new experience.

Since early childhood we learned how to adapt to all kinds of situations and this gave us a feeling of safety. Mostly in this process we somehow lost contact with our core selve. We created false identities, illusions of what we think we are, or what we have to be in order to be accepted. These masks became our comfort zone.

Reconstructive will give you a new view. It will shake up your believe systems. This process can be intens. This intensity helps bringing out the best in you.

in your job or function
with your partner
as a parent

My Inner Child as Potential

This workshop is fully booked; New data; November 1 & 2, 2019.


Beyond the measurable (Eng) Mini-documentary


  • Price:
    € € 250 (excl vat)
  • For whom:
    Everyone is welcome, regardless age or background. No specific education or knowledge is demanded. This workshop can be part of a path in personal development or a search for professional expansion.
  • Hours:
    saturday: 10.00 until 18.00 & sunday: 10.00 until 17.00
  • Good to know:

    These prices are non-residential. Breaks and lunches are included.


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