Reconstructive Retreat in Orval

What you search for, is searching you!

13/14/15/16 October

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What can you expect?

Growth and joy go well together. A deep dive into yourself on a beautiful spot in nature in good company, is one of the finest treats you can offer yourself.

Bart De Coninck invites you to this retreat. Intense experiences of quantic consciousness out of the rich harvest of RIIHS, the school for reconstructive, of the latest years.



On one side we have the ancient forests of Orval, on the other beautiful views over rolling meadows. In the middle we find Ferme du Bois-Le-Comte, a bright and enjoyable farm-house, where we will stay from Thursday-evening until Sunday-afternoon.

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte is located in the south east of Belgium on the French border. It’s one of the most beautiful, quiet and energetically powerful locations in Belgium.


Are you a seeker?

Do you want to live an extraordinary experience that encourages you to transcend your barriers?

Do you want to further awaken your potential?

The support and challenge that this magical environment provides, in combination with the latest from Reconstructive, ensures that we can give a big boost to our inner transformation.

What you search for, is searching you!


The methode “Reconstructive”

What do you want to become more visible in? What projects are waiting for you?

Reconstructive is an innovative method for deeper self-knowledge and evolution. It’s the direct body-experience of quantic consciousness.

To become more aware is a huge responsibility. It enables us to guide others towards more authenticity, common sense and integrity, qualities much needed in the world we live in

This requires us to be willing to confront and face our deepest layers. Reconstructive gives us a direct body-experience of how we move in relationships in a way we never could experience it before.

It opens and liberates us. Our self-worth and self-love grow.


La Ferme du Bois-Le-Comte

We stay on a beautiful venue in the middle of a vast nature reserve. The silence is audible, the stars shine brighter than elsewhere and the clean, oxygen-rich air smells wonderful.

The farm dates from the 19th century. It has been ecologically renovated with warm, natural, breathable materials. In addition to the rooms and group rooms, there is a bright, spacious dining room with tea corner, bar, fireplace, piano and a view of the green valley. We enjoy vegetarian seasonal cuisine here three times a day, prepared on site with fresh, local organic products. When the weather is nice, we can eat outside.

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte (the farm in the forest of the count) is located in the south-east of Belgium, on the French border, in one of the most beautiful, quietest and energetically powerful places in Belgium.

The farm has 10 hectares of land. The old apple tree and the labyrinth are favorite spots. The horses live outside and have plenty of room to gallop over the ridges.

There are no shops or pharmacies in the area… so take your precautions.

We ask you to treat the trees, plants and animals on the domain with care and respect.

What should you bring?

Bring comfortable clothes that you feel free to move in. In October it can be quite chilly outside. Bring enough warm clothes so you can stay outside for a while. You can also think of bath slippers, walking shoes, rain gear and/or umbrella, a flashlight and of course the things for your personal hygiene (preferably ecologically degradable soap and shampoo due to their own water source and water purification).

Additional information

Welcome on Thursday from 6:00 PM and a meal is provided at 7:00 PM. There is no evening program on Thursday evening, so there is time to discover the venue, the nature and you fellow companions.  It is also possible to arrive later than 18:00, at the latest at 21:30.

If you are allergic to certain products or are not allowed to eat something because of a medical diet, let us know. Perhaps the cook can take this into account.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drink. This is a norm of the venue that we have to respect.

During the day there is limited WiFi available.



Information / Registration

If you have any questions, please contact Job Hulshoff, the organizer of this event, via email or via mobile phone/WhatsApp on +32 493 05 32 79.



Reconstructive Retreat in Orval


This retreat is held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte in Orval (B). The working language is Dutch and translation to English will be provided for the ones who need it.

€ 645,- (transfer before July 13, 2022) € 685,- (transfer after July 13, 2022) This includes: participation, accommodation in triple or quadruple rooms, meals and work materials. Not included: transport to the venue, drinks (organic juices, Orval beer, bio wines) and evening snacks at the bar
Welcome on Thursday from 6:00 PM and a meal is provided at 7:00 PM. There is no evening program on Thursday evening, so there is time to discover the venue, the nature and you fellow companions.  It is also possible to arrive later than 18:00, at the latest at 21:30.
For whom:
Anyone who feels attracted and is willing to experience something new is welcome.
No prior knowledge or training is required.
Orval, Belgium


Bart De Coninck

RIIHS-Teacher / Director RIIHS Belgium / Co-director RIIHS International °1963, Wolvertem (B) Bart is trained as a doctor in medicine, a psychotherapist and a couples therapist  Since 2006 he is the Founder and Director of Eigenkleur, a group practice for individual and couples therapy with 4 locations in Belgium. Since 2015 Bart facilitates training programs in Reconstructive and in Transpersonal Coaching and workshops in Reconstructive, both for mixed groups and men groups. Bart is the author of New Heroes, an e-book about masculinity and the internal process of men towards more freedom and responsibility. Through the link you can download it for free. Bart collaborates in two podcasts. Flashlights in the dark, micro-shots of consciousness, a podcast in English about consciousness and  Liefde tussen Hemel en Hel, a podcast in Dutch about relationships and love. ♦ Individual sessions and couple sessions with Bart are possible in Westmalle, Antwerp and online. Bart works in Dutch, English, Spanish and French. ♦ More info: and  Contact: and whatsapp: +32 476 66 06 37


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