Seats available

The Strenght of the Women Circle


Fri, Sat & Sun July 12, 13 & 14 2019



Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B)
Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium

What can you expect?

When silence speaks and the connecting movement appears in a ritual, something comes up in us. Dignity increases.  Our heart opens for something bigger than us.  Experiencing this is a privilege. It creates a permanent bond between all the present women and the community surrounding them.  The power of a ritual brings us home.

In this workshop we will explore the connecting sternght of rituals, the meaning of it in our daily life, in our work and at special occasions. We will look at our heritage as women.  We take care of our wounds and we integrate our power.  By acknowledging our creativity and the power of our uniqueness, we get in touch with our full potential.

Topics that will be introduced are:

  • In what are your elders available?
  • In which stage of life are you?
  • What is available behind you for your next step?
  • What is asking for integration?
  • What is your capacity and where will you apply it?
  • Honoring mother earth, our grandmothers.
  • Which dream do you want to realize and connect with something bigger?

From the wheel of life we will look, in these summer days, at what was, what is and what will be. As encouragement to live our potential fully.  The wheel guides us to the aspects and phases of women. All diversity that we carry inside and take with us, will find his place.

What will be the outcome of participation?

  • Individual level: You become more visible in what you have to offer and from there being you take your place
  • In your near surroundings: Another kind of quality of connection with your beloved ones and your relations in the business field.
  • For something bigger than you: The society of today and the economy needs feminine values to grow to another form and degree of mutual connection.



  • Price:
    € € 450 (vat incl)
  • For whom:
    Women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and educations: grandmothers, (steph-)mothers, daughters, granddaughters.
  • Hours:
    Fri July 12th: 19-22, Sat July 13th: 9.30-21.30 & Sun July 14th: 9.30-17
  • Good to know:

    This price is non-residential. Breaks, meals and material are included.



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