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TRANSPERSONAL COACHING – Online Training Program with Certificate


November 20 & 21, December 4 & 5, 2021 and January 15 & 16 and January 29, 2022



ZOOM on-line platform

What can you expect?

Bart De Coninck facilitates this program in English. Carola Castillo is the invited facilitator for one session


“The Art of Individual Consultation”

Reconstructive is a new method of help. It developed over the last years and includes working with our body, mind, emotions, energy and something beyond. It is transpersonal work leading us to a new approach of life. The highest spirituality is on earth. When we find more balance in our body, mind, emotions, energy and attitude, the way we deal with daily situations will change.

This training program will be online. We will learn from the transpersonal principles and experience clear structured exercises and experiments to work with. This will allow you to conduct individual sessions with your clients in a new different way. If we change the way we think and feel, we will find a variation of resources in ourselves and as a consequence in our clients.

We transform ourselves into authentic helpers. If you are already a coach, therapist, counselor, consultant or trainer, and you want to broaden your view and deepen your process, this program might be for you. If you are just willing to start this journey of service, this program will give you the base and structure to start.

We will learn how to be good listeners and how to become effective and clear in our interventions. This will allow our clients to clear out blind spots and to break with repeating patrons.

We will learn about diagnostics and find simple ways to apply exercises which enhance awareness. We will focus on perception, emotions, trauma and the inner child.

In this training you will learn:

  • Short history, pioneers and methodologies applicable to transpersonal work
  • Establish a diagnosis and find resolutions to situations created by emotions, trauma and programming consequently to early childhood learning
  • Perception and its dimensions
  • Deeper understanding and management of emotions
  • Consequences of trauma
  • Structure of an intake interview
  • Genogram: how to use facts to reach the most important in stories?
  • New methodologies: theory and practice in individual setting
  • Footprints as a diagnostic and transformational tool. Methodology, applications, practice
  • The art of listening: from where does my client speak? Perception versus Intuition
  • Reconstructive, from transpersonal to a higher understanding of what expansion of consciousness could be.
  • Understanding of basic principles of energy, consequences, applications
  • Liberation of behavioral patterns and habits
  • Presence of the coach or therapist as transpersonal and energetic phenomenon
  • Our client’s story as a resource, broadening the view of what has been learned.

Cancellation policy:

Please write to to talk about your cancellation


3 Modules of Content & Practice: Module 1 on Nov 20 & 21, Module 2 on Dec 4 & 5 2021 and Module 3 on Jan 15  & 16, 2022

·      6 sessions of 4 hours via Zoom: 3 weekends,  2 sessions in every weekend  (Saturday & Sunday – 24 hours in total)

·      10:00 am – 14:00 pm (including short break) CET

1 Module of Supervision & Guidance: Jan 29, 2022 (Saturday)

·      10.00 am – 14.00 am CET


  • Price:
    € 380,00 ex vat
  • For whom:
    For who is already working as a coach, therapist, councelor, solicitor, consultant and is willing to broaden his view and sharpen his skills
    For who wants to start as a coach, counselor or consultant
    For who is looking for a deep personal process in order to become more clear and effective
  • Hours:
    10.00 - 14.00 CET
  • Good to know:

    Zoom online platform

    Training Program in English

    Manual and material are included.



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