Reconstructive workshop

Gain strength from within as a woman

5/6 March

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What can you expect?

Growing up as a girl, we often get the idea that we are expected to be good, sweet, cute, beautiful, polite,…. We are going to try to comply with this, because as children we are dependent on our environment. Our “true” nature goes underground and we put on a mask. We do our best to keep it up because it gives us recognition, love, attention. This gives us the idea that we need this and when we get it we are relieved for a while. But often we need it again and again and can’t get the faith that we’re okay. We keep looking for it in the outside world.

There are different facets in a woman. The archetypes of women, the archetypes of women, give us a good example of this. The trick, however, is not to go all out in one piece, but to carry a piece of each of them within us. Each has its own qualities and a good mix ensures a nice balance. If we stay in one or the other, we find ourselves in a kind of splayed position inside, which feels painful and confusing.

But our “true” nature, which we have to look for inside, we are afraid to come into contact with, because it has been condemned, it was not allowed to be there. What if we bring that out? If we already know what that “true” nature is, because it is often well hidden in our subconscious. But if we don’t find a way to live that “true” nature, it still finds a way out, in a vicious and cunning way. Or we get bitter and die inside. It is clearly tangible that this “true” nature has power and we are afraid of it and we do not know what to do with it. But by looking at it, going through the fear, we can shape it in a way that it can serve.

The origin of our mask, our survival can be sought between 0 and 6 years, through upbringing, culture, religion, language,…  Since it came into us so early in childhood, we can no longer think about this and we have so we need a way to start working in this unconscious layer. Reconstructive gives the opportunity to move there, by stirring the traumas and giving space to our “true” nature, so that a new answer can come, from the adult we are now. It is an inner path that demands responsibility.

And there’s no better way to discover more of what’s in us as women than to be among women.


This 2 day workshop will take place in Malle, near Antwerp (B).

It will be facilitated in Dutch, English translation will be provided.

300 - two lunches and coffee-breaks are included
9 am - 5 pm on Saturday & 9 am - 3 pm on Sunday CET
For whom:
All women who are ready for a new experience in a community of women, are welcome.
Malle, BE
Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B) - Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium



Livia De Vos

RIIHS-Facilitator/Therapist  °1974, Brussels (B) Livia is originally trained as a social nurse and psychotherapist.  ♦ Her work experience: . 1997-2005: Social Nurse Kind en Gezin . 1998-2008: Psychotherapist CLG . 2005-2020: Psychotherapist CGG . 2008-now: Psychotherapist/Coach Eigenkleur . 2018-now: RIIHS-Facilitator/Therapist  Livia offers individual counseling, couple therapy and facilitates workshops in reconstructive. More specifically she has a lot of experience in reinforcing women (women groups) and in helping people to deal with eating disorders and fixations. ♦ Livia collaborates in  Liefde tussen Hemel en Hel, a Dutch podcast about love and relationships. ♦ Individual sessions with Livia are possible  in Rotselaar, Antwerpen and online. Livia works in Dutch, English and French. ♦ More information: en ♦ Contact:


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