Reconstructive workshop

Coming home to yourself

15/16 January


What can you expect?

Reconstructive works on different layers, on the mental, the emotions, the body and the spirit.

It’s a new method that, through wordless interaction in group, gives you the opportunity to bring back into motion what was not “whole”, what was stopped, twisted or withheld.

In our early childhood, between 0 and 6 years old, we learn through what we see, what we experience. That is how the world works for us. But because of our limited ability at that age, we “make” something of it, so it is “our” reality and not “the” reality. From there we will live, but this is obviously limiting and misleading. The child survives, does what it can, but is mainly focused on the outside world and does everything it can to be “nourished” by its environment. This programming, that you need the outside world, often continues into adulthood, if you don’t become aware of it. This is what we will try to set in motion in this workshop. So that you will focus more on yourself in your life and so become “more free” from others. From here you can do whatever you want, that which you have to do, here in this life.


This 2 day workshop will take place in Centrum Het Midden in Malle, near Antwerp (B).

It will be facilitated in Dutch, English translation will be provided.

300 - two lunches and coffee-breaks are included
9 am - 5 pm on Saturday & 9 am - 3 pm on Sunday CET
For whom:
Everybody who is willing and ready to experience this new method.
Malle, BE
Centrum Het Midden in Malle (B) - Eekhoorndreef 18, 2390 Malle, Belgium



Livia De Vos

RIIHS-Facilitator/Therapist  °1974, Brussels (B) Livia is originally trained as a social nurse and psychotherapist.  ♦ Her work experience: . 1997-2005: Social Nurse Kind en Gezin . 1998-2008: Psychotherapist CLG . 2005-2020: Psychotherapist CGG . 2008-now: Psychotherapist/Coach Eigenkleur . 2018-now: RIIHS-Facilitator/Therapist  Livia offers individual counseling, couple therapy and facilitates workshops in reconstructive. More specifically she has a lot of experience in reinforcing women (women groups) and in helping people to deal with eating disorders and fixations. ♦ Livia collaborates in  Liefde tussen Hemel en Hel, a Dutch podcast about love and relationships. ♦ Individual sessions with Livia are possible  in Rotselaar, Antwerpen and online. Livia works in Dutch, English and French. ♦ More information: en ♦ Contact:


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