The School in Belgium

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As part of the international school RIIHS we focus on the holistic and integral learning process of our students. Therefor we offer

  • Trainings Programs in Transpersonal Coaching and Reconstructive.
  • Support and Validation of the RIIHS-Coaches and RIIHS-Facilitators/Therapists
  • Workshops in Reconstructive in mixed groups and gender-specific groups (men and women groups)

In the Training Program in Transpersonal Coaching we instruct the future coach to work with clients online and face-to-face and to apply the RIIHS-model. This is a totally innovative program.  Trained coaches will be able to start the path of being authentic helpers, only and exclusively for individual sessions (one-to-one) with his or her consultants.

Reconstructive is specifically meant to be performed through face-to-face group dynamics. The base or vertebral column of the training program in Reconstructive is the training in Transpersonal Coaching.

Both are training programs accredited and certified by RIIHS. We provide our students with the best possible in-depth educational and coursework experience, while offering them the latest most innovative and actualized information through continuous education programs.


RIIHS-Coach and  RIIHS-Facilitator/Therapist

Equally, we offer the possibility of becoming a Coach, endorsed by RIIHS. This is an exclusive program of the school, in which its members are supported and validated by the RIIHS-structure.

Also, there is a membership program for Facilitator/Therapist, endorsed by RIIHS for group dynamics. Both RIIHS-Coaches and RIIHS-Facilitators will be qualified to understand and apply the RIIHS-model.

Reconstructive in mixed groups, men groups and women groups

Several facilitators offer since a few years workshops in Reconstructive in Belgium, giving participants plenty of opportunities to experience this ultra-innovative method for self-knowledge.

Within the school in Belgium gender-specific education has always been a major focus. We offer paths for evolution, both in mixed groups and in men only or women only groups. Participation in a gender-specific group can give your process and transformation a serious boost. Click here to check out the calendar of events.

Bart De Coninck wrote an e-book New Heroes about the process of men towards more courage. Through the link you can download it for free.