The Team

We are a growing international school, located in several European and American countries.

Carola Castillo is the founder and director. She lives in Miami.

Bart De Coninck is co-director of RIIHS and the director of the school in Belgium. He’s facilitator and teacher in Reconstructive.
In Belgium Job Hulshoff and Livia De Vos work as facilitators in Reconstructive.

Our international community is expanding with new facilitators in the following countries:

USA, Canada, Spain, Latvia, The Netherlands, Dominican republic, Venezuela, Costa. Rica, Mexico, Brasil and Colombia

You find a complete list of all facilitators in Reconstructive:


Carola Castillo

Carola Castillo

Carola Castillo – Founder and Director RIIHS

Carola is from Venezuela. She lives in Miami.

School Teacher, psychology student, systemic therapist, family constellation facilitator, systemic coaching for organizations, master in clinical hypnotherapist, Doctor of Divinity and Minister by the Universal Life Church.

Director and Founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School. Cofounder of the Hellinger Institute in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Designer of fundamental tools required for individual sessions. Creator and developer of her independent movement: RECONSTRUCTIVE. The intertwining journey inside the shamanic ground with the use of sacred plants experiences (“ayahuasca”), family constellation work according to Bert Hellinger and insights as a student from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Chi Kung, Taijiquan and Zen.

In this technique, we can experience the expansion, learning process and different levels of consciousness. A process understood trough the body, mind and spirit that will guide you into thoughtful field beyond the walls that you had built in order to survive.

Her books can be found in Amazon and in the AppStore for apple users.

“Lonchera para el alma”, an app, motivated as social work in order to reach out for those in need of a virtual space for the healing. A very successful application for aiding people to grasp insights and the changes that they are looking for.  Available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

Bart De Coninck

(°1963) –  Belgium

Bart is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, couple therapist and facilitator in reconstructive .

Since several year’s he facilitates training in reconstructive and different workshops in reconstructive in mixed groups and men-groups.

Bart is co-director of RIIHS and director of RIIHS Belgium.

Since 2006 he’s the founder and director of Eigenkleur, a group practice for therapy and couple therapy.

NEW HEROES is his newest project, an overall package for men to support their Hero’s Journey  (e-book, sessions, workshops,…)


Job Hulshoff

Job Hulshoff

Job’s roots are in the city of Enschede in the east of Holland. Since 2009 he works and lives in Belgium.

His career till so far can be divided in three parts;

1) Facility Manager in healthcare and cultural institutions,

2) Photographer and Copywriter at his own studio and

3) Psychotherapist/Coach at his own practice.

Working with Gestalt, Systemic Work and Siberian Shamanism it was a true gift for Job to discover Reconstructive Work. He experiences it as a stabile grounded spiritual working method that gives him insights and directions for taking more responsibility for his own life and life in general.

“Reconstructive is intense, challenging and fun!”


Livia De Vos

Livia De Vos

Livia has a professional background of Social Nursing, Gestalt-therapy, Systemic Work and Reconstructive. She works as well in the public sector as in the private sector.

Making yourself big/small, loosing weight, finding your power as a woman, being truthful are themes she knows from the inside. From here she takes others, especially women, on their journey.

Livia facilitates women circles and workshops.

Juliette Rijnfrank

°1964, Utrecht (NL)

Juliette studied Portugese language and literature in Brazil, the country she lived for 22 years. Back in the Netherlands, she has gained experience as an interpreter and translator.  Intercultural dialogue, sensibility and mutual understanding are part of her work as a coach and interpreter.

From her work with mainly women, in transition phase, started her passion for coaching. On her own path of personal development, she was touched by the Reconstructive and systemic work. Thus certified, she works with people to find their own rythm, balance and essence again.

Themes, also known by herself, like (in) visibility, courage to show yourself and trust your own process, are part of the process.