The Work

Our potential as human beings is far bigger than we realize. As children we learned how to adapt. We carry negative images, fear and blocked emotions. Somehow we lost connection to our core. We can’t feel the full potential of our strength.

In Reconstructive our perception changes. Our awareness grows. Reconstructive is a new method of developing consciousness, developed by Carola Castillo fromVenezuela.

It has a clear and accurate theoretical structure which allows participants to take a next step. The work itself has an effect on the body, mind, emotions, attitude and something beyond. It is the body-work allowing access to an altered state of consciousness, in movement and interaction with a small group. In this process the body receives information and finds solutions for emotional blockages or unsolved issues. It integrates insights and strength.

Reconstructive shows me what’s behind my masks and old images. The biggest movement is not being spiritual. The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand the realm of something that is beyond time and words, to embrace respect for your life, others life and everything that is alive.  This concept must be understood from the core of our humanity in order to find what some consider happiness and others call realization.

In reconstructive  we empower the energy that is full of information to express itself, so that the client can connect with his deepest issues. It is possible to reach higher energetic frequencies. Here we find balance, strength and congruency. When we become more aware, inside these higher forms of energy, we start to distinguish between lower vibrations and higher ones. We start to understand ourselves within these different levels in order to expand our spiritual perception. Being able to relate with one another, is the highest level of them all.

Reconstructive empowers us to get a new perspective, a new vision. It will guide us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve to have. Taking the responsibility of our life is the greatest movement for the spirit.

What can we get from Reconstructive Work ?

  1. The energy is tested, in practical way, in order to create consciousness in our body, mind, emotions and spirit
  2. It has an extensive field of information for a new experimental dimension
  3. New experiences and changes in perception
  4. Extensive state of consciousness which provides valuable information to transform the old in something new
  5. Awareness of our space in times
  6. Assertiveness in conflict resolutions
  7. Distinction between intelligent information and rigidity of long-term memories (convictions, rules,…)
  8. Freeing effect towards  openness and manifestation
  9. Understanding unity with compassion and humanity
  10. Release of emotional blockage leading to more health and wellbeing
  11. Improvement of relationships
  12. Achieving a proactive and profound focus

We offer Reconstructive in a 2 day workshop. This is the first level allowing experiencing it. We also offer a training program Transpersonal Coaching, according to the reconstructive model, allowing deeper understanding of the method and integrating its qualities in individual consultations and other professional settings. this training program is a good first step for the ones wanting to become facilitator in reconstructive.