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TRANSPERSONAL COACHING – DEEL 1 Voorbereidend online programma


za & zo 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25 okt en 21 nov en 12 dec 2020



ZOOM on-line platform

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Certification by RIIHS and Yacambú University

PART 1 : 24 hours Content & Practice + 4 hours Supervision & Guidance

“The Art of Individual Transpersonal Consultation”

About this training

The world is quickly changing. Radical freedom and responsibility are huge challenges for everyone. That’s why we need new challenging methods of help.

Each day there is so much to manage outside ourselves. When we stop being a threat to ourselves, our real potential will show up. We can learn how to deal with our mind, emotions and attitude, so they are helping us in the obstacles we meet day by day instead of sabotaging us.

It is an endless search how to involve ourselves with the best of our capacities and to make the most of our challenges. It keeps us moving and facilitates each process we are in. 

Reconstructive, a new method of help, developed over the last years. It includes working with our body, mind, emotions, energy and something beyond. It is transpersonal work leading us to altered states of consciousness. There we find access to new information. The highest spirituality is on earth. When we find more balance in our body, mind, emotions, energy and attitude, the way we deal with daily situations will change.

The first preparative part of this training in transpersonal coaching will be online, learning from the principles and fundaments. This will allow you to conduct individual sessions with your clients in a new different way. If we change the way we think and feel, we will find an extraordinary variation of possibilities in ourselves and as a consequence in our clients. It is a privilege to guide people on their way to more radical freedom and responsibility.

The structure of the content and implementation of this online teaching guarantees benefits. We are happy to share these powerful tools to a larger public online to support as many individuals as we can. On our social media, websites and YouTube channels you will find range of our work that can give you more background.

The second part of this training asks for experiential encounters. We refer to body work and energetic work, where the transmission of frequencies is more important than the actual teaching. It will be organized as soon as the COVID-situation allows it.



How to translate the knowledge of these new methods of help and new tools of learning into individual sessions.

We are going to transform ourselves into authentic helpers. If you are already a coach, therapist, counselor, consultant or trainer, or you are just willing to start this unbelievable journey of service, this program is for you.

We will learn how to be good listeners and how to become effective and clear in our interventions. This will allow our clients to clear out blind spots and to break with repeating patrons, so they can find more effective resolutions to day-to-day situations.

We will learn about diagnostics and practical resolutions to enhance awareness. We will focus on perception, emotions, trauma and the simplest ways to apply exercises. This will be conducive for our clients, helping them to see a different image, to transform and to heal.

When our clients tell us a story, a problem or a situation they can’t coop with, we can learn how to apply tools to change their experience. There are ways to change learned habits into new actions. This restores the joy of being alive.

In this training you will learn:

  • Short history, pioneers and methodologies applicable to transpersonal work
  • Establish a diagnosis and find resolutions to situations created by emotions, trauma and programming consequently to early childhood learning
  • Perception and its dimensions
  • Deeper understanding and management of emotions
  • Consequences of Stockholm syndrome
  • Structure of an intake interview and registration
  • Genogram: how to use facts to reach the most important in stories?
  • New methodologies: theory and practice in individual setting
  • Systemic footprints as a diagnostic tool. Methodology, applications, practice
  • The art of listening: from where does my client speak? Perception versus Intuition
  • Reconstructive, from transpersonal to a higher understanding of what expansion of consciousness could be.
  • Understanding of basic principles of energy, consequences, applications
  • Liberation of behavioral patterns and habits
  • Presence of the coach as transpersonal and energetic phenomenon
  • Our client’s story as a resource, broadening the view of what has been learned. Resolutions. Closure. 



Over training-programma in TRANSPERSONAL COACHING


  • Prijs:
    € 380,00 ex btw voor Deel 1. De prijs van Deel 2 wordt later vastgelegd.
  • Voor wie:
    Voor wie reeds mensen begeleidt onder welke vorm of structuur ook, en zijn blik wilt verruimen en vaardigheden wilt aanscherpen
    Voor wie graag de eerste stappen zet in het begeleiden van mensen.
  • Uren:
    8 modules inhoud: za & zo van oktober: 10 - 13 u & 2 modules supervisie: za 21 nov en za 12 dec: 10 - 12 u
  • Goed om te weten:

    Op 8 zaterdagen en zondagen in oktober wordt er telkens 1 modules theorie en praktijk gegeven van 10 tot 13 u

    Op 2 zaterdagen (21 nov en 12 dec ) is er gelegenheid om vragen te stellen van 10 tot 12u: Q/A (Question-Answer) – Supervisie

    Deze training zal doorgaan in het Engels.

    DEEL 2 van deze gecertifieerde training wordt ingepland in 2021 en zal bestaan uit 2 Modules van 2 dagen (36u) op zaterdag en zondag: reconstructive rechtstreeks ervaren, oefenen en supervisie.



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