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Planet Women & Planet Men


vr, zat & zo 22, 23 & 24 mei 2020



University of Zagreb, Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Croatia)
University of Zagreb (Act Hall), Zagreb, Ilica 85

Wat kan je verwachten

Deze workshop geven Ria Verlinden en Bart De Coninck in Zagreb (Croatia) op uitnodiging van Sanja Horvat.

We live in moving times. The world is undergoing a huge change, which has a profound effect on our relationships. This has consequences in the dynamics we see in teamwork, company- and organizational development, intimate relationships, parenthood and education. The old traditional roles that men and women once lived, no longer function today. Men and women are confused in emotional relationships and in the interaction with each other. What can we do? In this workshop we can learn about healthy interconnectedness, how to be in touch with one’s own strength and power while giving others enough space to grow and develop. Together, we will seek answers to the question of how to deal with relationship issues, how to strengthen the power of the feminine principle in women and the masculine principle in men, and for the two energies to experience a nourishing and healing communion.It is well worth examin- ing your shadows and hidden places where old restraining programs lie, with the goal of exhibiting higher quality behavior in intimate relationships, parenthood and professional contexts.

For the first time in Croatia, we present two new methods for personal development: Reconstructive and Systemic Rituals. They combine systemic knowledge with ancestral and transpersonal influences. This will allow us to restore our strength as a man or a woman, and to heal relationship Issues.


Beyond the measurable (Ndl) Mini-docu


  • Prijs:
    € full price €. 250, early registration € 200 (valid until 20 february 2020)
  • Voor wie:
    Iedereen welkom
  • Uren:
    vrijdag 16.00 tot 20.00, zaterdag 9.00 tot 20.00 en zondag 9.00 tot 16.00
  • Goed om te weten:

    Deze prijzen zijn niet-residentieel. Maaltijden zijn niet inbegrepen.

    Registratie: via mail  naar Sanja Horvat:



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