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Reconstructive, een meta-systemische ervaring


za 26 sept 2020



Monkey Valley Resort, Cape town, South Africa
Monkey Valley Resort. Mountain Road, Noordhoek Cape town, 7945 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Bart De Coninck presenteert volgende workshop in Reconstructive in Kaapstad – Zuid-Africa

Reconstructives, a new dimension, a meta-systemic experience

Reconstructives is a new tool for transpersonal growth. It’s created by Carola Castillo from Venezuela out of Hellinger’s work in combination with a broad spectrum of scientific, philosophical, anthropological, religious and spiritual influences. It’s an intense experience of Hellinger’s knowing field and Jung’s shadow work at the same time, allowing transformation and healing of emotions, trauma, relationships issues, ancestral and transpersonal experiences.

From our survival and primal developing, we somehow lost our connection with the core. Patterns linked with victim/perpetrator-dynamics out of our personal, family, collective, ancestral and transpersonal realms, are deep in us and colour our perception.

Reconstructives is a universal key that opens the gate of awareness. It’s an altered state of consciousness, similar to a shamanic trance, accessible to a wider audience.

In this workshop Bart will introduce us into this new methodology and guide us into experiencing it. In this movement our willpower, attitude and free choice can eventually renovate, impact and consequently create new reality. We open ourselves for more joy and responsibility. This is our ability to respond from a freer place.


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